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While everybody is welcome to enjoy and learn from this webpage, I created it mostly for my community and for those who are interested in us as fellow human beings. Transgendered/Transsexual people are few and far between, and we're some of the most misunderstood and marginalized people in the world. This is not a plea for sympathy but a call to education and understanding that we are all human beings with different feelings, values, goals and ideas. Yet we all have the same basic desires for respect and acceptance. Maybe if we can understand each other a little better, the other things will fall into place.

As a side note, I will be the first to admit this page tends to be somewhat California-centric, but in general I have endeavored to keep these links national and international. Also, the links are not in any special order of importance; it's mostly alphabetized. Since there are so many links, I have marked several links according to likely interest for the given audience.
TI - Trans Interest
GP - General Public
A TI link is one that you should definitely check out if you're interested in the process of changing or toying with gender, or in the process of sex reassignment. GP are links that I wish those who are ignorant or perhaps even intolerant of trans people would check out.

Transgender/Transsexual Links

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Information and Resources

Andrea's TS Road Map
TI This site is a travel guide for transition, to set priorities and choose your route. It's about making informed purchasing decisions and setting realistic, achievable transition goals. This website is replete with important information for those embarking upon or considering transition. It has a thorough selection of information concerning just about every aspect of transition you can imagine. A must-visit site if you are serious about transsexualism.

Lynn Conway's TG/TS/IS Information
GP TI This site is an incredible knowlege base of transgender, transsexual and intersex topics. Lynn gets down into the subject matter in great and yet uncomplicated detail, and she is constantly updating it with the newest and best information available. This is a must-visit site for anyone, trans and non-trans who wants to better understand these topics.

GenderLife Instructional Videos - FREE!
TI Calpernia Addams and Andrea James now offer for free their instructional videos for transsexual women, starting with Coming Out Video 01: Transsexual Basics. They plan to add more videos in the future. This is worth checking out if you're a transwoman early on in transition or strongly considering it.

Gender Education and Advocacy
TI Gender Education and Advocacy ( is a national organization focused on the needs, issues and concerns of gender variant people in human society. Site includes the following resources: Trans Library & Archives, Resources and Providers listed by state, Child Custody, Intersex Resources, Medicaid, SRS Surgeons, Gender Programs, Employment Information, Information Clearinghouses and much more.

Hair Facts - commercial-free hair removal facts for consumers
TI A website that thoroughly delves into the basics and advantages of various hair removal methods, helping consumers make more informed purchasing decisions. It contains information on how to choose, and how to avoid scams and disappointment.

International Foundation for Gender Education
A leading advocate and educational organization for promoting the self-definition and free expression of individual gender identity. Publishes Tapestry magazine, has a bookstore with a large selection, and offers many other resources and services.

Trans-Gender Expressions Resources Directory
Comprhensive listing of resources for the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Soon to add European resources as well.

Center for Gender Sanity
Services include: Transitions That Work, a consulting service for transsexuals who plan to transition on the job, their coworkers, and their employers; Full Circle of Women annual conference; lectures, seminars, and training sessions for a wide variety of audiences, including high school and college students, practicing therapists, HR and EAP personnel, and others.

Internet Safety and the Option of Stealth
This web page is actually part of Andrea's TS Road Map (above) but it is important enough of an issue to merit its own link. While the article discusses issues related to transsexual women who prefer to hide their transsexual past (stealth), it offers common sense information on the security of your identity on the Internet.

Melanie's Transgender Support Site
GP TI Melanie Ann Phillips is one of the more successful members of our community. Her accomplishments are too many to be listed here, but among them is this resource website. She has accumulated a large collection of information including an impressive sex change handbook. She has also created an impressive method for creating a female voice which I have a direct link to below.

L.A. Gender Center
A collaboration of mental health professionals who provide sensitive, quality care to individuals in Los Angeles challenged by gender and sexuality issues. They offer individual and group psychotherapy, and support groups.

A website with resources, support and connections for transgendered people in the San Francisco Bay Area and northern California.

FTM International
This website is the internet contact point for the largest, longest-running educational organization serving FTM transgendered people and transsexual men.

Welcome to Other Bear (formerly Calling All Trans)
A resource site created by FTM lawyer (and my friend) Mike Hernandez that is primarily geared toward FTM transgenders, although there is also some legal and government-related info that is useful to all trans people.

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On-line Support

GenderLife online forum
Calpernia Addams maintains a very active and helpful online for members of the TS/TG community. The board is a well-moderated place to find answers and lots of caring support. There multiple boards to discuss everything from hormones to surgery to social issues. I try to visit there from time to time.

Laura's Playground
A Transsexual Transgender Crossdressers Support Site that deals with Transsexual, Transgender, Crossdresser, Androgyne, Intersexed and Transvestite issues. It also supports (MTF) Male to Females, (FTM) Female to Males, Transwomen, Transmen, families, wives, husbands, partners and friends with Gender Dysphoria and transition issues.

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Voice Lessons (MTF)
TI You lucky FTMs can rely on hormones deepening your voices,
we MTFs need to learn how to modify how we speak. Oh, well...

Finding Your Female Voice
Andrea James of TS Roadmap fame has created a program for vocal feminization that works wonders. This program incorporates a 100+ minute video (VHS or DVD) and a book, covering basic and advanced techniques, plus tips and secrets from "deep stealth" transsexuals. I was so impressed with the results I heard that I ordered it for myself.

How to Develop a Female Voice
Melanie Ann Phillips has developed a great method for teaching MTFs to train their voice to sound more female. This web page describes the method in detail as well as offers Melanie's instructional video tape for sale. I own this tape and it has helped my voice immensely.

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Since many other sites offer lists of surgeons, I have listed only the surgeon whose work I can personally attest to (Dr. Meltzer) or know in person.

Dr. Toby Meltzer in Scottsdale, AZ
Dr. Meltzer is one of the most in-demand SRS surgeons in the world, as evidenced by a waiting list that is sometimes booked over twenty months in advance. He worked his miracle on me in October of 2002, and I'm very happy with the results!

Dr. Marci Bowers in Trinidad, CO
Dr. Bowers took over the practice of SRS pioneer Stanley Biber last year, and I'm already hearing rave reviews about her work. She was a delight when I met her in early 2004 when we both performed in an all-transgender cast of The Vagina Monologues. She would have been my second choice after Dr. Meltzer.

Anne Lawrence's List of SRS Surgeon
A large listing of SRS surgeons plus photos of surgical results.

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Organizations - Political & Support

National Center for Transgender Equality
NCTE is a social justice organization working to make transgender people safe from discrimination and violence. NCTE provides a national voice on fairness and equality for transgender people in Washington and provides resources and assistance to empower and strengthen localized efforts around the country.

National Transgender Advocacy Coalition
NTAC works for the advancement of understanding and the attainment of full civil rights for all transgendered, intersexed and gender variant people in every aspect of society and actively opposes discriminatory acts by all means legally available.

TransYouth Family Allies
TYFA empowers children and families by partnering with educators, service providers and communities, to develop supportive environments in which gender may be expressed and respected. We envision a society free of suicide and violence in which ALL children are respected and celebrated.

Renaissance Transgender Association
An organization providing "comprehensive education and caring support to Transgendered individuals and those close to them." Includes links to local support groups across the country.

Tina's TG NCO Club
A special club for all transgendered folk who served in the U.S. Armed Forces. Membership requirements: if you are transgendered and served (or are serving) honorably in any branch of the U.S. Armed forces, you may join. (I was honorably discharged after four years in the Air Force.)

Transgender San Francisco (formerly ETVC)
A San Francisco Bay Area organization that provides support services for transgender people and educational materials to the transgender community and to the general public. In addition, TGSF provides safe settings for transgender people to meet, hold discussions and attend educational seminars on issues of importance to their community.

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Annotated Bibliography
Compiled by JoAnn Roberts and Dallas Denny, you won't find a more complete bibliography anywhere!

HBIGDA Standards of Care
The SOC are intended to provide flexible directions for the treatment of persons with gender identity disorders. These are the standards that providers use to help determine who will get hormones and surgery and who will not. Their intention is to minimize the number of post-surgical regrets as much as possible.

Mom, I Need to be a Girl
GP A touching story from the mother of a teenage male-to-female transsexual. A tale of her anguish and eventual acceptance. Should be required reading for parents of TG/TS kids (even grown-up ones) everywhere. Stored in MS Word format - click to download (298K).

TG Tapestry
Quarterly magazine produced by IFGE (see Information and Resources above), a leading source for stimulating dialogue covering a wide range of gender topics, from medical and psychological care to family and partner issues, to film and book reviews, and much more. Includes a very complete (nationwide) listing of trans support groups.

The Transsexual Phenomenon - online version
Dr. Harry Benjamin's classic 1966 tome that is still relevant even today, and a book clearly ahead of its time. Read it here on the Internet as it was first published.

Transsexuals: Life from Both Sides
Transsexuals Life From Both Sides is a newly released 279 page book, which includes "everything needed to learn about the transgendered person and the people who love them." Includes a 22 page contribution by me, excerpted from an earlier draft of my unpublished autobiography.

Venus Envy
Venus Envy is a web-based comic that's been around since late 2001. It follows the exploits of transsexual teen Zoe, her conflicted family, her FTM friend/nemesis Larson, her school chums, dating, etc. Artist Erin Lindsey has a fine sense of drama and comedy that makes this series well worth perusing for both trans and non-trans folks. I laughed, I cried and I fell in love with it. Note: pulp comic now available!

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Special People
While we are all special people, there are a few standouts for me that I'd like to share with you. If your name is not on this list, please don't feel slighted; my time is as limited as the space I have on this page. Note these are not in any order of importance; they are alphabetized by first name after the TS Women's Successes page.

Transsexual Women's Successes
GP TI Fifteen years ago the only successful transsexual women I knew were the ones making $100 an hour doing sexwork. I had no role models other than them. Professor Lynn Conway (see below) has created a web page chronicling the successes of TS women in many fields, all across the world. They are inspirations to us all.

Christine Jorgensen
While there is no shortage of material about Christine Jorgensen on the 'net (including my own tribute to her on my TG/TS Spotlight page) I liked this encapsulation done by my friend Susan Stryker, the director of the GLBT Historical Society of Northern California.

Calpernia Addams
Calpernia Addams reached national prominence on the cover of New York Times Magazine in 2000 for the story of her romance with a soldier who was murdered because she was a TS. The story is now a movie, A Soldier's Girl, and Calpernia has just published her autobiography, Mark 947. Hers is an amazing and inspirational story.

Gwendolyn Smith: Lair of the Webmistress
Gwen is a Trans Women who tirelessly works on behalf of our community in an on-line capacity as web designer and webmistress. Among her credits are (above),'s Transgender Gazebo (below), TransBay (above), Transgender Community Forum (AOL) and too many more to list here.

Jamison Green
I already listed James among my trans-inspirations, but since he has been a friend for so long and because he has done so much for our community, I thought I'd list him here, too. I sometimes call him "Dad" in reference to the father figure he is for many FTMs.

Kate Bornstein
For many of the same reasons James, Kate appears here as well. Her work, especially her writing, have not only widened my gender horizons, but have given me a refuge from an oppressive dichotomy that is our culture's binary gender system and helped lead me to true freedom of gender (if not from gender).

Professor Lynn Conway
Being an important pioneer in the computer field and one of the very early transsexual women to undergo hormonal and surgical sex reassignment to have her body completely changed from that of a boy into that of a woman, Lynn's is an amazing and inspiring story. When you read it, you will agree. Lynn has a fabulous website, brimming with useful information about gender issues and her own innovative work.

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COGIATI - Combined Gender Identity And Transsexuality Inventory
Billed as "first comprehensive gender dysphoria test" that is "designed specifically for the uncertain pre-transitional Male-to-Female gender dysphoric" this test is somewhat controversial. The test is not uniformly embraced by transgender/transsexual people because many people (myself included) feels it leans heavily on gender stereotypes. Nonetheless I found it harmless fun, so here it is. FTMs might get a real boot out of this test!

Dual Citizenship by Gwen Smith
The term "transgender" is a point of contention, sometimes passionate disagreement, in our community, including those who do not even recognize us as a community. Gwen Smith's insightful essay provides a refreshing point of view regarding this debate.

GLAAD - Gay/Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation
This media watch organization also looks out for transgender/transsexual portrayals in the news and other media, spotlighting both negative and positive incidents. GLAAD provides direct links to offer feedback to the writers, producers and network, and express your approval or disapproval. You can also report new items to GLAAD for similar action.

An Inconvenient Woman
Archived copy of a New York Times article on how some gay activists tried to paint trans-woman Callie Addams as a gay man in order to turn her murdered boyfriend into a martyr for gay rights. An excellent example of how sometimes trans identity is coopted by the gay community to serve a sociopolitical end. Fortunately, many gay people are more enlightened than this.

Remembering Our Dead
A memorial website to those in the transgender/transsexual community who have died as the result of violence, specifically hate crime. Lists personal information about each victim plus the circumstances surrounding their death.

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Sick of spammers who hide behind forged headers? From the full headers cut and paste the originating IP address into this website and it will show you the originating ISP to complain to.

Atomic Punks: Amazing Tribute to Van Halen
In my early twenties I loved Van Halen and was crushed when David Lee Roth left the band. For those of you who feel similarly, here is the ultimate Van Halen tribute band. They do only Roth-era songs, and they must be seen to be believed! They are Los Angeles based, but they tour all over the country.

F-Secure Computer Virus Hoax Database
Next time somebody sends you a virus alert, check it out here first in the Hoax Warnings section. You may save yourself some embarrassment by not passing on a phony alert.

Google Maps and Driving Directions
Google's service is much more reliable that Yahoo, and the satellite and street views make it a great way to research an area long before you leave for it. Also check out the real time traffic speed maps. Urban Legends website.
The next time some well-intentioned but gullible person sends you something Just Too Good to be True, check it out here first bfore forwarding it and looking like a shmuck. Verify those "Microsoft will pay you to forward email" claims before passing them on. Hours of fascinating and hilarious entertainment. >

USA National Weather Service homepages
Forecasts, satellite, radar, maps, current conditions from Baja to Bangor.

Online IQ Test
Scientific and purportedly accurate on-line IQ test. I tried it and it's fun. Modesty prevents me from disclosing my tested score.

Phase of the Moon
Shows the phase of the moon for the current day or any other date.

Shields Up! - Internet Security Analysis
Computer wizard Steve Gibson has created this free service that will quickly and easily examine your computer's vulnerability to hackers. It also recommends solutions to any security holes your system might have. On a personal note, Steve and I went to the same high school, Aragon in San Mateo, CA, but three years apart -- he was a wiz kid even then!

Tourette's Syndrome Barbie
It doesn't get any more politically incorrect than this. Requires Shockwave plug-in.

What Day of the Week?
Do you remember what day of the week you were born on? Or any date in history or in the future? This website shows you how to simply compute the day using a simple mathmatical process.

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